Brake drums for bus, commercial vehicle, coaches

Brake Drums

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Update time : 2022-08-02 11:28:33
Brake Drums as the key safety-related parts, The reliable quality is the top consideration of the client's purchasing 
The brake drum is generally made of a special type of cast iron that is heat-conductive and wear-resistant.
When asbestos was common in drum brakes, there was a danger workers repairing or replacing them would breathe asbestos fibers, which can cause mesothelioma Asbestos fibers would break off or become separated over time and with the high temperatures induced by braking. Wet brushes and aerosol sprays were commonly used to reduce dust. Safety regulators sometimes recommended using vacuum hoses to suck away the dust, or enclosures with interior lighting and space to use tools inside them, but these were rare and cumbersome. Distinctive shoes designed to protect against asbestos were also recommended  There is evidence that auto mechanics had disproportionate levels of mesothelioma.
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